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We have installed thousands of residential & commercial solar systems since 2013 throughout California.  If you are interested in seeing what solar can do for you, get in touch with us at 661-347-5000


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Our Services Offered

American Solar Brokers offers a wide range of energy services throughout California.

Stevenson Ranch Solar Customers


Thousands of satisfied residential customers throughout California! 

Commercial Solar

Large Commercial

Shopping Centers, Hotels, Manufacturing, Churches, Schools, etc

Small Commercial Solar

Small Commercial

Helping small businesses save money by going solar. 

Solar Carport


Bringing power and shade really helps both property owners and tenants.

Residential Battery Storage

Helping avoid peak rates and having piece of mind when the power goes out.

Portable Battery Solution

Portable Battery Solutions

The ultimate battery solution that offers portability and backup power.

Commercial Batteries

Large Battery Storage Systems

Bringing power to commercial & industrial customers.

Solar Reparis & Assessments

Valuations, Assessments & Repairs

If your system needs help, call or text. 

Residential or Commercial EV Charging

EV Charging

Save money by charging your Electric Vehicle at home from Solar.

Gallery of recent Residential Customers

American Solar Brokers offers a wide range of energy services throughout California.

Granada Hills Solar

Granada Hills, CA

Capturing Sun from East & West! 

Sand Canyon Ground Mount

Sand Canyon, CA

Big House needs BIG ground mount!

Canyon Country Ground Mount

Canyon Country, CA

Another BIG house needs a BIG system.

Granada Hills Solar

Hollywood, CA

Flat roofs are NO problem.

Ventura Residential Solar

Ventura, CA

Even beach houses can use solar!

Palm Springs Solar

Palm Springs, CA

It gets HOT in Palm Springs so Solar makes a lot of sense. 

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What Our Clients Say

Working with Tim Pluma and his team made the solar process
SO EASY.  Tim explained every detail of the solar process so that
I knew what was going to come next.  Tim made several personal
trips to my home before and after the solar was installed to make
sure everything was ready to go and that the job was done right.

I would highly recommend Tim Pluma and his team. 

Patty W. Santa Clarita. 

Happy Solar Customer

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